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Eduardo’s List: The best books to chill out on a calm summer evening

“Writing has been a part of my life since I was at school. I always found myself expressing better by writing rather than by speaking. Later in life, I had the privilege to travel to dozens of countries. One day, I decided to combine those two passions, the one for traveling with writing.”


Santiago by Eduardo Rios Lasso: Spotlight and First Impressions

“I can related to Santiago’s need to finally do something about his dreams. He hasn’t explored the city he grew up in or gone beyond it because of his anxiety, so he takes a leap to make those dreams real. It’s a challenge he’s willing to take to quench this stronger pull to explore places that he has yearned to be in.”

La Prensa

Slot machines, case of inequity: Eduardo Ríos Lasso

“In recent months I have read newspaper articles and seen interviews on morning news about the proliferation of slot machine rooms in Panama. Two interviews caught my attention about the new proposed regulation of these.”

The Table Read

Coming Of Age Story, Santiago, Shines As Wanderlust Traveller Finds The World Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

“In his novel, Santiago, Eduardo Rios Lasso introduces his eponymous protagonist. Aged 26 and fresh out of college, Santiago’s anxiety almost always gets the better of him. That is until the day that his wanderlust takes over and he buys a ticket to travel the world… but does it come up to his expectations?”

Unconventional Quirky Bibliophile

Santiago by Eduardo Rios Lasso Book Tour Post-Spotlight

“Fresh out of college, 26-year-old Santiago has always longed to see the world, but his anxiety gets in the way. How can he possibly travel abroad if he feels sometimes heart-pounding pressure by simply riding a bus? But one day, after years of saving, Santiago courageously buys a ticket around the world.”

PRD Newswire

Eduardo Ríos Lasso Announces Publication of His Debut Fiction Novel – “SANTIAGO – Chronicles of a Young Traveler”

“SANTIAGO is a fun coming-of-age story and is actually a Hybrid Fiction Novel that incorporates the author’s travel experiences and adventures along with a narrative written on a personal level which readers can relate to.”

Poignant, mindful and capturing the essence of how it feels to stand on the side-lines whilst desperate to jump in and experience all that life has to offer, Rios’s writing style wins the reader over from his very first page.

– The Table Read Magazine, July 2022

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Telling stories on a global scale.

Telling stories on a global scale.

Telling stories on a global scale.

Telling stories on a global scale.

Telling stories on a global scale.