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Like a crowded beehive, there are several airports worldwide. It is as if passengers waggle, dancing like bees, as they move from place to place. But unlike that, bees can communicate with one another and make decisions as a group. Though they may look unorganized, they always work together as a single organism. But this is not the same as what happens in many airports, where we have seen chaos. Many airlines have had to cancel flights because airports cannot handle so many passengers simultaneously. The lack of staff does not make things easier.

Who would have thought we would see this chaotic situation again after millions of deaths worldwide due to the pandemic? But we chose as a society to live not in fear of the pandemic but with the pandemic. But remember, it is not over yet. If you travel for whatever reason, follow the guidelines of the local health authorities; if feeling unwell, stay home and, if necessary, visit the doctor. Also, read your local news and inform yourself. Eat healthily, sleep, rest, use a mask when necessary, and get vaccinated.

However, despite the pandemic, airport chaos, and unfortunate events happening in our world today, such as war, high energy prices, corruption, and the rest that follows, in Zibarna, we do our part to stay active as bees. We are all trying to improve our world for the better by doing our part. There is so much buzz in the beehive of Zibarna right now. We take breaks, but we don’t stop, not even a single day. We are preparing new blog entries for the coming weeks, and by the way, it isn’t just me. We will have guest bloggers. By the way, would you like to be a guest blogger? Send us a message at, and let’s talk.

I am also thrilled to share that I will do my first blog tour for the English version of my book SANTIAGO next week. I will be in touch with book bloggers from the US, England, Canada, and Malta! I will give away copies of my book to new readers, among other surprises. Parallel to that, we will send out our first press release in the United Kingdom about my book. I look forward to connecting with new readers.

And guess what? My books have finally arrived in Panama. Unfortunatly t is a bittersweet moment because things there are rough. Many protests at the moment due to corruption. Hopefully, things will get better soon. To all friends, family, and acquaintances who have wanted to buy a printed copy, well, soon, you will be able to do it. As we continue to organize distribution in the book stores, we will be able to announce where you can purchase your copy soon. This will be on my Instagram Page, e.rioslasso, and on this website.

Okay, I will leave it as it is for now. I hope you are free this weekend and that you have grand plans. I work this weekend, pff. That’s life. If you have time, get a book; maybe you get my book! Check out SANTIAGO – Chronicles of a Young Traveler!

But no matter what you do, be smart and stay safe!

Talk to you all soon!



Photo of the Blog by Clay Banks

Eduardo Ríos Lasso

Eduardo Rios Lasso emerged as a writer alongside his doctor's development. Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, his journey has taken him around the globe to dozens of countries. Along the way, he found a passion for inquisitive travel writing – storytelling designed to explore and seek out positive life experiences while also sharing the common interests and challenges that bring different cultures together.

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